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And so then...Summer holiday

So another Summer holiday has just started. And Summer it is! With temperatures of 25+/30+ degrees Celsius for over 2 weeks now already! Hot hot hot, but I don't care! I LOVE IT! I sunburned heavily though. Got blisters all over my back right now, but the pain finally vanished though, which is…


Woke up this morning and saw a beautiful sun shining through my window. Finally again after so many weeks of cold and rain. Went shopping and bought me loads of veggies and fruits (try to become a bit more healthy since i noticed i've gained too much weight lately). Then I got home, sliced a melon,…

humdrum life

Sun May 20 19:16:16 EDT 2018 There was sunshine this afternoon. It's been a week since I've seen sunshine. I mowed part of the back yard. The mower's batteries need replacement, and I wasn't able to cut much before they ran down. I had to move a lot of rocks first. I don't know why…

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