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Dutch skies

I love our skies, especially when the sun is setting and there are clouds. First one was taken last Thursday from the window of the train. The other two were taken last night through the window of a car. This entry was originally posted at…

Summer makes good

I'm made for summer, I'm made for holidays. Really. The weather has been blissful over here, and it's supposed to be sunny and warm for at least a week, maybe longer. Every day I get on my bike to go to the harbour/lake. Today I was out in the shade due to high temperatures. Boats drifted by, went…

Weather and sinkholes and such

Last night bad weather was about to arrive. The sky dramatically turned from sunny and blue too an almost pitch black. I was hoping for a good, loud thunderstorm, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. There was some thunder, but nothing too loud. We did, however, get a lot of rain and hail. And I mean…

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