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Ginger piss break.

Damn, I needed that. The hair on top of his head was closer to brown than ginger, but he was most definitely a fuzzy ginger from the neck all the way down, in taste, touch, aroma, and texture. Hung average (about 5", thin, cut), but considering that he loved jamming my head down into his pubes, it…

The Return of Mr. Chestnut Costco Cub

A few weeks ago, I re-established communications with Mr. Chestnut Costco Cub, who had been going through a difficult period, and was now once again open to socializing (vertically and horizontally). He's come over a couple of times and sat on my couch and we've talked quite a bit. While I really…

The Return (again) of Mr. Black Frat Bro

Mr. Black Frat Bro came over late tonight to play. To our mutual surprise, his body was exquisitely sensitive to my fingers and tongue nearly anywhere I touched. (My diagnosis: he hasn't had any play time with someone else for too long.) I started off in his scratchy-bushy pits, which were…

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