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Lessons on Subdrop

Master asked me to write this so I could recall what I learned from this experience with subdrop. I posted it elsewhere, but since I have all of my posts I have ever written in this journal, I didn't want to leave it out. So here it is, if you'd care to read it. I've been experimenting a lot more…

First Flight on the Cross

It was time for another fun lifestyle party, and this one (much to my delight!) was pirate themed! omg Sir says I have a pirate fetish and I suppose that is true ;) Just because the corset I bought has pirate skulls on it.... okay yeah that's pretty much a fetish. Speaking of corsets, I did buy one…

Roughing It, Part 3

We sleep in a little bit on the 3rd day. It's surprisingly chilly in the morning after we get out of bed. I had a long sleeve shirt on, but Sir noticed I was still cold. He went to his bags of BDSM gear and pulled out a black jacket and a bunch of tiny padlocks, a little bigger than ones you would…

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