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Something To Remember About Hyperdimensional Lifeforms....

After waking a brief bit to tend the fire ...about an hour ago, I sat back in the recliner couch, and verbally recounted & affirmed some discoveries of the last III months. Namely, discoveries which state subanime and anime XX chromosome types....'T*fa' 'L*ckhart'...'and' 'Us*gi' 'Tsukino'…

It All Comes Down To Surge Events.....From Here

In real life, in real existence, it is up to a lifeform to generate "meaning", and give an example of what "meaning" is. For anything to have true meaning, for anything to be immune at the caustic entropy of 'the' 'void', it has to generate infinite energy / be consummate...to infinite energy.…

Multiversal Quasar Blazar....Squish Training Era

Now....since I have inadvertently discovered how to *win* and *survive* the Infiniversal Routing Trial, as well as apply...***all*** of my prior gender studies into applicable and demonstrable tasks / goals.... ......., I need to focus on the matter to hand. Squishing and compressing a…

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