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So. As it becomes more and more obvious that teaching is probably not a long-term career for me, I've been trying to figure out what I'm interested in doing next. I've only occasionally given myself the illusion that I could do this for the length of a career. I try to be honest with…

Dave stay, ITG, work and tattoo talk

Last weekend (LAST last, the 22nd) Ben, Sean, and Dave were visiting from Madison. Well, Dave is continuing to visit from Europe but yeah. I can't remember all the finer details but the point is that Sean and Ben were going to Disney World (AGAIN, but this time with Ben's parents) and Dave…

78// Bad food, good Steve

Today we woke up a little late, and were both frisky right away in the morning so we decided to take advantage of that! Then we relaxed with coffee before needing to head out to lunch with Steve’s parents and grandpa, who just turned 92. We planned to get to Roseville a little early so we could…

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