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stephen fry

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Dear Ones, It is source of some embarrassment to all of us at QI that our delightful and relaxed studio can only accommodate a few hundred of you each evening. If it were up to us, we’d fling open the doors and perform the whole thing au plein air. So our profound apologies to all of you have…


Worships him.... The future's in the past At the launch of a new campaign last week to promote the study of history, Stephen Fry made a passionate appeal that we use the gripping narratives of the past to make sense of the world today. Here we publish the remarkable speech that dazzled an…

Me ache..

I finally got a visit from Aunty Flo last night which explains why I was so hot and uncomfortable in the QI studio! I feel slightly better now but have real pins and needles - I have to keep getting up and walking around. I must have some excercise soon rather than just wriggling in my chair and…

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