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Craziest Soviet Machines You Won't Believe Exist

Steampunk Gone Wild... Post Victorian industrial technology stretched to the limit of our imaginations. Who paid for it? If you think that was crazy, wait until you get a load of these bright ideas. Russia is not the only country to have the exclusive on ideas gone wild. The biggest damn…

Steampunk & Fantasy Music Collection by Luis Humanoide | 1-hour

0:00 Adventures in the Clockwork Lands (2017) 6:03 The Bridge of Eldevior (2016) 10:12 A Ship in the Clouds (2016) 12:50 Clocker Neighborhood (2016) 16:28 The Great Port of the Air (2019) 22:30 Symphony of the Clockwork Lands - Part 1 (2018) 32:03 In the House of the Inventor (2019) 38:16…

Steampunk Art collection.Eugene Ivanov

Steampunk, anyone? Patreon, Eugene Ivanov: https://www.patreon.com/eugeneivanov Steampunk Music Compilation | CLOCKWORK LANDS (1-Hr Mix) 0:00 Luis Humanoide – In The House of the Inventor 6:14 Vociferous – The Incredible Adventure 12:38 Luis Humanoide – The Great Port of the Air 18:45…

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