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stargate sg-1

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Icons – Some Fannish, plus Animals and Architecture

The fandoms are Arthur of the Britons, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, White Collar, plus some Wednesday Addams :) Some made for challenges, some just because :) As always, take if you want, text can be added (or probably changed) if you want, or you can just (I hope) enjoy the pretties...…

Writing Meme... Stargate SG1 Ficlet

For watervole, who suggested Stargate SG-1 - humour, preferably involving Teal'c. With the requisite (and all too common for me, I know) warning for silliness... Shanap "The General is not going to like this, sir." "I know, Carter. I know." "The General is not going to even…

New Fic: Practical Value

Practical Value Fandom: Stargate SG-1 Rated: PG Category : Double Drabble. Humor. Jack and Daniel friendship, or something. Season: Any, but probably mid-series or so. Spoilers : None, though knowledge of PanGalactic GargleBlasters will help. Summary: Daniel can still surprise Jack…

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