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stargate atlantis

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Fanfiction Awards

Awards Nominated Fic: A Little Help Nominated Fics: Ghosts**, Command Decisions**, A Game To Remember**, No Regrets, Acceptable Risk**, A Long Road Home**, Pallbearers, Madison’s Moments, Painting Perspectives, Rear Guard, Homecoming (R), Just Another Day**(R),…

Naarmamo... Day Thirty-One and The End For Another Year

And, as the last two years, I finish up with ten black and white character icons, of folk I'm very fond of that weren't done in the previous tens... And they are, for those who want to know, Blake and Jarriere (Blakes 7), Jeeves (Jeeves and Wooster, of course :), Master…

Fannish Icons - A Mixed Bunch of This 'n That...

A couple here, a small handful there... these are ones where I couldn't resist doing a few in the fandom (or did them for a challenge) but not enough for a post of their own :) You get them anyway. For example... In order, we have Addams Family, The Avengers, old Who, Jane Eyre,…

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