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First Lines of 2019 Fics

*** Yes, I realise it's March, but in my defence... Life? So, I meant to indulge in this meme closer to the year change but never got to it. So I'm indulging now. First Lines of 2019 Fics (in order of posting) The sun is out, somewhere behind the air pollution, and there have been no alien…

On the first day of Christmas

Title: The Talent Stones Fandom: Stargate Atlantis Characters: Evan Lorne at thirteen years of age, OC's. Rating: G Word Count: 2,700 Summary: In Evan's community, members get a Talent when they turn thirteen. Link: 'Day 1 - one mysterious sign'

SGA Beta?

*** My first fandomtrumpshate assignment is almost done. Clocking at, erm ~17K by the time I finish these last two scenes, which will happen today. So... Beta? Anyone? It's McKay/Lorne and has an explicit sex scene, no specific warnings. The main catch is that it needs to be posted by the…

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