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star wars

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Star Words: Episode VI, Part 48

And now we come to the crowning moment of the saga. This is the point of the entire story, the transcendent victory of good over evil. It does not come through fancy piloting or swordplay, nor through clever stratagems and ploys. It comes from nothing less than the integrity of the hero's choices,…

ЗВ внезапность

                                                                                                   Я тут, внезапно, поняла, что Звездными Войнами увлекаюсь уже ровно 30 лет о_О. С почти праздником меня. Почему с почти? Потому что я, внезапно, помню точную дату, когда это со мной произошло. С этой…

Star Words: Episode VI, Part 47

Luke continues to resist Vader's taunts, but they're growing harder and harder to ignore. Though he keeps silent at the mention of his friends, his thoughts are deafening. And though he's hiding his physical form, those thoughts are clear as day to Vader. (Brief aside -- I have to register my…

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