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star wars

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Star Words: Episode V, Part 45

There are lots of great moments during this climax; Lando fully embracing the role of hero as he publicly warns the citizens of Bespin to flee; Threepio's many frantic complaints; Artoo's unerring ability to save the day (even if he does manage to electrocute himself just a bit before finding the…

Star Words: Episode V, Part 44

Vader is quite the chatterbox during the first part of the duel. Luke has just one line (a rash and arrogant You'll find I'm full of surprises) while Vader rambles on and on. There is a definite purpose to his words, however. He isn't looking to simply defeat Luke -- and as we'll see later on,…

Star Words: Episode V, Part 43

The first ray of hope in these dark circumstances comes with Lando's sudden turnabout -- a change that was really inevitable. It's clear that the Empire can't be trusted to keep their side of a deal, so why bother making deals at all? The moment is quiet, so surprising and subtle that it takes a…

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