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star trek voyager

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10 Star Trek Discovery Icons

Not a great set, I admit ... but am just glad that I managed to get them done in time! These are for Round 26 oficons10in20 over at DreamWidth , and are from a season 5 episode - Bride of Chaotica Black & White Cirle Ear Happy Minimal Profile Photo…

15 Icons

I have made 15 icons for Round 5 of somein30 ... the theme was Atmospheric, and I chose the basic mode. I decided to do a set of 5 from each of my 3 favourite TV pairings .... 1 - Buffy & Spike, BtVS 2 - Janeway & Chakotay - Star Trek Voyager 3 - Carter & O'Neill -…

10 Star Trek Voyager Icons

just 10 icons this time, for Round 2 of somein30 ... where we had a choice of options again. I decided to stick to the basic set and do Goodies v Baddies ... with no crossover. I decided to do icons from the Star Trek Voyager episode "Killing Game". It's an episode where…

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