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My fellow SGA fans, Squee Weekend beckons again!

If you're a Stargate Atlantis fan like me, there's a fandom meeting you might be interested in ^_^ A small group of us gather each year to discuss and watch our favourite episodes, to talk about characters and pairings, to write fic and do some crafts, or just to be with our fellow fans…

June Something - days 13 - 15

So finally I managed to finish this! Thank you so much squidgiepdx for making this happen, I've had so much fun making my own answers and reading others' ^_^ So here I go :) What do YOU consider fandom's "little black dress"? Is it a coffeeshop AU? Sharing a bed trope? Bonus,…


I just watched Astolat's amazing new ST:TNG Picard vid, and when it ended one of the suggested next videos was this: Patrick Stewart Gets Emotional Announcing Return To Captain Picard Role - 8-4-18 I have no idea what's actually to come of this, but I'm so excited just by the thought of this…

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