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Burning Love

I had this idea for a fic for this season's seasonal_spuffy, but am not 100% happy with how it flows. For all my school years my English teachers always said things didn't make sense when I tried writing, but I have persevered since joining fandom ... so hopefully it makes…

Fic: Clash of Priorities.

Just a quick ficlet, a response to a challenge on nekid_spike - follow on from the given first line. It helps to follow this if you know that there is sporty-type stuff happening, the European Football (soccer) Championships (Euros) and that England is playing tonight in Rome.…

Fic: Touching the Fire, Chapter 6

Spike's home. Things can't be as grim as they have been. Can they? When your ex-lover is spread over a cross, his white flesh gleaming in the moonlight and smoke starting to curl up from the points where his chest and face touch the thing, it is not very sensible to stand and stare. For a moment…

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