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Suffocating void

'This is neither imprisonment nor eviction', I say to myself. 'Divinity did not just fly through the windows to protect its daily survival', I repeat to myself. 'This is somehow inclusion in a way that I may not understand', I convince myself. Till the day you explain all these in a way that…

2020 a year of learning

I think that if my daughter hadn’t died, maybe this pandemic would have had a bigger impact. But once your child dies, there isn’t really anything else that can top that. Everything else is slightly sepia. Every once in a while I look at my life, where I am now and I grieve. There is a lot to be…

The Million Dollar Question

2/7/20 2 weeks ago, I felt the need to be honest with myself and pose myself an essay question: Why do you want this? Be honest. I had no idea the following paragraphs would flow out the way they did. "Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do is be honest with myself about this…

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