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Switch from usted to tú

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LZ18ycDK90 In this video of a witness testimony at the George Zimmerman trial, the interpreter uses usted (as to be expected) until about 23:30, at which point he has a brief moment of clarification with the witness regarding pronouns in her testimony, and…

vos when used with tú + usted

Could someone please explain to me or point me to resources (in Spanish or English) on the relationship between vos + tú + usted in countries where all three are used side by side? As far as I understand, this mostly exludes Rioplatense Spanish. I was recently thrown for a loop with…

Spanish pronunciation and spelling rules

. The Mexican band Maná have a lead singer whose full name is apparently José Fernando Emilio Olvera Sierra. He's normally known as Fher Olvera. My question is: what is the 'h' doing there in "Fher"? I'm assuming that it is in some way reflecting the pronunciation of the shortened name, and I'm…

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