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Billionaires in Spaaaacccee!

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy called and wants me to post on the recent trend of billionaires in space. After I suggested they might want to fix their payroll issues, I agreed to post the following. First, I am not at all upset that Bezos and Branson, AKA The B Team, launched themselves into…

He was one of the greats: Roy Scarfo

Rocco G. “Roy” Scarfo (1926-2014) , space artist The lunar habitat, ( 24 January 1960 issue of the Montréal, Québec, weekly, La Patrie du dimanche ): ^ Roy Scarfo with Wernher von Braun. Roy Scarfo’s “Spaceport,” from the 1965 book “Beyond Tomorrow.” The exploration of Venus,…

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