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REVELcon 2019: Friday afternoon gen vid panel

At 3 p.m. we had the Gen songvids panel. I had suggested this panel idea and Jan loved it--each panelist brought a favorite vid or two to show and talk about why we loved it. I got to show the first vid, since I definitely had the first one chronologically. It was a ST III - Snoopy vs the Red…

One special bit of VividCon squee - a Tin Man songvid!

A gorgeous, gorgeous Tin Man songvid. I commissioned it from gifted vid maker settiai; I wanted something impressionistic and nonlinear focusing on DG's experience of the O.Z. to Enya's song "Anywhere Is." settiai did an AMAZING job! I love every little bit of it. It debuted at…

Con.txt 2018 - Vid Show Report

Con.txt 2018 Vid Show I thoroughly enjoyed this vid show, not once but twice! I saw it on Friday evening and then, on Saturday, con members could check out a flash drive with all the vids and copy them to their own laptops so we could rewatch them again anytime! I was in vid heaven! I rewatched…

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