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software development

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My Return

It has been over two years since my last post and many things have changed. I've had serious aspirations of entering the field of Software Development. Since I have been gone, I've gone to graduate school, which took two years to complete. I finally have graduated this past May with a…

Code reuse

From 11 years of maintaining my own codebase I learned that reusing fields is a bad idea that leads to poor code maintainability. If unrelated methods use the same fields, then graph of field references start looking like a maze that is very hard to understand. If "UserId" field is called by 19…

Code review

In our team we do code reviews a lot. We code review everything: C#, SQL, ElasticSearch, XML, HTML, javascript, powershell, linux shell scripts, and manual installation instructions. The main reasons to do code review: 1) Knowledge exchange - Code reviewer learns from code he reviews. - Coder…

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