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two very important things i forgot: a. THERE WAS SNOW ON THE GROUND YESTERDAY MORNING, WTF. b. the socializing you do after curling, when the winning team buys the drinks and everyone sits around and schmoozes, is called broomstacking. the annual meeting/closing dinner at my curling club is…

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Mon Jan 13 23:00:00 EST 2020 I think I'm going to like the new light once I get used to it. I keep wanting the beam to be more focused. I spent a lot of time adjusting its height on the ride home tonight. (When I mounted it Saturday morning, I pointed it rather low to keep it out of drivers'…

this has been the longest week ever for no reason

important things about today: a. HOLY FUCK IT WAS COLD. b. the librarian with the goldendoodle puppy brought her back, so i got to play with a puppy again. i also got to see the puppy climb all over a couple of students who walked by and asked if they could pet her, and i (well, we) met a…

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