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i got my hair cut and got snowed on but not on the same day

i got my hair cut today :DDD and now it's shorter and bouncier and curlier and i'm so much happier. and yesterday i walked out of work and it was snowing and i went :DDD too. it stopped, but whatever, i got snowed on for like a minute. yesterday we also got a nice thanksgiving lunch, i guess as…

bike lighting

Tue Jun 26 16:00 EDT 2018 The last item from the big Amazon order arrived this afternoon, another tail light with automatic brake-light function. The package had a very rough trip (China Post) and had gotten crushed, but the contents survived intact. It's a little bigger than I expected, which…

spring soon?

3/22/2018 6:22 PM The ride to work was a bit warmer than I expected (54°F/12.2°C at the garage door). Arlington's (main*) trails were plowed, and things (were plowed or) had melted off around Roosevelt Island, so that was mostly clear. There's a short bit of boardwalk that was not in great…

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