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snow in entries

"you shot me!" "get over it."

so yesterday was beautiful. blue skies, a few fluffy clouds, COLD. snow shoveled. :D see? i went to harvard square to get my comics and there were GIRL SCOUTS IN THE T STATION. i was surprised. and then i was two boxes of cookies richer. (peanutbutter patties and the french toast cookies.)…

well we got some snow

...i'm not sure how much, tho. it snowed almost all day. it was fabulous. except for the fact that it's shark week in my house and i was unprepared, so i spent my lunch hour walking to cvs to resupply. there were a lot more sidewalks shoveled on my way home, so i didn't have to walk in the road.…

all olympics all the time

happy cheap chocolate eve, o my flist. imagine me walking by your desk and putting a little valentine and a candy of your choice in the decorated shoebox. are there folks who didn't do that when they were in elementary school - decorated a shoebox with wrapping paper and little paper doilies and…

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