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half vax is better than no vax

today i got my fauci ouchie, by which i mean vaccination jab #1, and they were very efficient and aside from a desire to take a nap, i haven't had any side effects. i even got a button that says "i got vaccinated at reggie lewis" - that's where i went - it's like getting an "i voted" sticker,…

The 2021 Ice Storm / Plumbing Madness / End of Eras

Earlier this month, we had a pretty serious snow and ice storm. It was worse north of here, but it was still a major event. Probably the worst snow/ice storm to hit the Portland area since the crazy 2008 two-week snowstorm event. It started with a couple days of snow that turned to freezing rain…


I couldn't be happier. This is what Colorado is supposed to look like!! YEAH!! (nothing prettier than Christmas lights in the snow) (I plan on taking some pics, and will post the link soon!!)

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