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To wake up in his arms

I've been thinking about this for a very long time now. Every night when I go to sleep I wish that there was someone else in my bed to cuddle with me. This desire pre-dated Jason but became significantly stronger post-Jason. I've written a lot about that night. It was the time that I felt most…

I am the ultimate in laziness

Everyday I set my alarm for 8am...and I'm consistently waking up at 9am, 10am, and 11am. I've been going to bed around 11pm or 12am, so we're talking upwards of 11 hours of sleep. That's really pretty ridiculous. This morning was no different. I went to bed around 12am, intended to get up early…

The Depression of a Semi-Single Stay at Home Mom

Last week I went to visit my parents. Saturday I came home. I figured the fatigue I was feeling came from the 3.5 hour drive between my house and their's, but since it seems to have stayed around I figure I must be depressed. It's not easy being a semi-single stay at home mom. My partner works…

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