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The way in - Part 3

------------- The werewolves live under tents. The camp is tidy, permeated with a strong sensation that the whole group is ready to disappear at a moment’s notice, probably generations of members teaching their offspring the danger represented by hunters and the need to be ready to leave…

The way in - Part 2

------------- They call Bobby. Considering Sam's current state, someone needs to watch over them while they're both under and unable to wake up. Bobby knows of their relationship, even though he's never talking about it and does his best to ignore the fact that the brothers he treats like…

The way in - Part 1

------------- He hardly remembers how he got there. He only wishes, in the light of what's happening to him right now, that he hadn't been stubborn enough to come without his brother. He can't believe that after all he's been through, a simple human got the upper hand on him and that he's…

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