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Skiing trip for Cody

"Cody Jean." Hsu was pleased to have found her on his way back from breakfast. Since that day, several days ago, where he had upset her simply for telling her not to apologize for something that was clearly nothing to do with her, he hadn't seen much of her, except for that visit to his office.…

Taking it to the extreme

Recap and not long after this It had taken several days before Hsu paid Griffins a visit. The scientist's confinement had not been good for him. He was much thinner, his skin sallow, and bruises, some faded and some quite vivid, marked his skin. All the information that could be extracted from…

Catching up in Switzerland

(OOC: Just a matter of moving him into place...seeing he actually left sometime ago, otherwise I'd be in danger of having him miss yet another ski season, and he'd never forgive me that. Also, I'm taking some poetic license in the fact that this Switzerland has lots of snow and pristine runs,…

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