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A set of birthdays-through-the-years illustrated fics: Seven, Thirteen, Twenty-Two, Thirty-Eight, and Fifty by grooot and mywitch Or all together as Happy Birthday on AO3 (not all chapters posted yet, as of this edit) Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing/Characters:…

December posting... oops!

Yeah, I've been slacking. Sorry 'bout that. The ever lovely red_squared asked for me to meta extensively about Sirius' relationships with animals. This is one of my favourite things, although it is a challenge to do so for red_squared, on account of her being one of the people who…

December posting: Update

hibernate asked me some excellent questions, and since it's still (just) December I am totally in time answering them! I'd love to hear what you're into, fannishly, these days, if anything? Thoughts on being in the same fandom long-term and what effect that has on your creative processes?…

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