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LJ Idol – Week 13 – Fan Death

Drama on Tour Some seasons, everybody asks for Rigoletto or Tosca. The year before it had been Cavalleria. In 2003, our company was swamped with requests to organise and perform La Traviata, Verdi’s famous opera about the ill-fated courtesan Violetta. Yes, the one Julia Roberts cries over…

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On the one hand, I've been fleeing stores because of bad Christmas muzak. On the other hand, I'm always happy to listen to a high school chorus singing interesting arrangements of Christmas songs, a capella, with no director in sight, while standing on an MBTA train. (Among other things, it's hard…


When I was a kid, I had basically no sense of pitch, which made my mother despair because I was a five year old who liked to sing but was really awful at it. (And she was a stay at home mom who did things with me and liked music, and this was slowly causing her to dislike music.) Someone suggested…

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