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More Thoughts About My Cruise

Oh. I forgot to mention yesterday that my mom thought that my coming to visit her in Michigan was a great idea. So I'm planning on it (although we haven't set a date yet). I put it to her as "you need to stay home and I need a change of scene". Hmm. If I want to try scuba diving, Urbana has a…

Happy Easter

One upcoming concert by Music of the Baroque has music by Purcell. I adore his "Music for a While" choral work. I had the music for it but who knows what box it's in. Sheet Music Plus has it for download though (for a fee, of course). Maybe I could ask my voice teacher to let me sing it when I…

Odds and Ends Kind of Day

I actually was singing and playing the piano at the same time! It isn't polished, but I'll take it. I think that it'll be nice with practice. I slept in this morning. While I was awake but not up, Zara came in to stare at me and tell me she's hungry. I gave Zara some of the fish k/d food and she…

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