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Things Starting to Come Together

I finally did connect with the pet sitter, and she's coming by tonight. So good. I was busy cleaning over lunch, but didn't wash the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen floors yet. I'll do that later tonight. I've been really stressy today. I guess that's because of all that's going on. I hope that I…

A Really Exciting Day. Not, But Productive.

Oh okay. Italian is canceled because a student will be out. (There are two of us who are reliably there.) More time to get stuff done. Now my voice lesson is canceled. My instructor got a chance to sing with a group, and she really wanted to do it. Zara really likes lying on my chest when I'm…

Music Soothes the Savage, Er, Tame Beasts

I was sitting here singing, and Mimi started meowing back to me and jumped on my lap. Zara likes it when I sing or play piano. So two thumbs up (paws up?) from the critics. They hate my guitar though. I've decided that I like Noom. It's making me more conscious of my eating. I like it better…

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