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Weekly Update #1 of ?

Inspired by Rosanna's post a few days ago, here's an update on my life since I don't post to twitter much, and my facebook updates are usually about cats and the weird fucking people on the ttc/subway. Complete with song lyrics LJ cut, for that extra nostalgia. Right now I'm still…

The Kentwelp Legacy 6.1

Now Orville's in college, and like the Kentwelps before her she dorms in the farmhouse Orville's a Romance sim, with the LTW of woohooing 20 sims, so she gets to working on that After that, college is over! Off to the suburbs…

The Kentwelp Legacy 5.1

Jupiter & Calypso started college, dorming in this cozy little farmhouse soo yeah that was college :P just a graduation party then off to adulthood I chose Calypso as heir and built her a shiny new house Some bees happily…

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