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silent hill

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Do Wrathful Gods Mend A Lot Of Shoelaces?

I've now seen the first six episodes of the World Ends with You anime! It's not a bad adaptation, but it does feel very videogamey. This is because it's adapted from a videogame, of course, but seeing the characters completing obvious videogame missions does sometimes leave me wondering why I'm…

What, Are You Afraid? Afraid Of Ramen?

I expect to make very slow progress in Persona 4 Golden. The PS3 port isn't available in Europe, for some reason, so I've picked it up on Steam instead. This means I'll only be playing it when I'm in the mood for PC gaming, which is never. Still, I've made a start! I've played for about an hour;…

Silent hill dreams

I know I was playing a silent hill game for PS it was a girl at class. You were looking at the chalkboard you had to press triangle, circle, to write down the information. Girl ask to leave the class room. There’s a magazine when you look at it suddenly the world turns into silent hill I didn’t…

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