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Fanfiction: Try Again (Your Turn to Die)

I haven't written a Silent Hill crossover in far too long. Let's mess some characters up. Title: Try Again Fandom: Your Turn to Die/Silent Hill Rating: PG-13 Pairing: maybe a hint of Keiji/Sara Wordcount: 5,200 Summary: Sara wakes in a town that's trying to kill her. She meets a man…

The Time Is Neigh.

I'll be honest: I was not expecting to laugh so hard at the end of Silent Hill. When the game abruptly cut to credits after the Alessa fight: Tem: Oh, you got a bad ending. Riona: What are you talking about? Harry just killed his own daughter and then fell to his knees in agony. It's a…

Must've Missed It.

Made an actual Silent Hill 2 edit of the Softer World strip I named my recent James/Mary fic after, because A Softer World and Silent Hill 2 are both totally timely and I know what year it is. I can't believe this strange, dark pairing still has so much power over my heart, all these years…

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