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Did You Try Looking Inside The Sofa In Hell?

Congratulations to the Netherlands on their Eurovision win! It was a good song, although I'll admit my favourite was Norway's entry, with the couple and the incredible bald third wheel, which I keep dancing along to when there's no one else around. 'Doppelgangland' is a fun Buffy episode. I…

Still doin' good

Last night I had plenty of weird dreams; I was fighting with the REDs from the first- person shooter game Team Fortress 2 against Silent Hill monsters. In another dream, I went to a funfair and played a game and won a Pikachu plushy doll and a bottle of aloe vera water. The dreams felt like usual…

Seasonal pastry in Finland

Last night I had a peculiar dream. I was in Silent Hill, the town from the survival horror video game with the same name. I ran through murky streets, until I ended up in a huge factory hall, and climbed up a rope that hung from the ceiling. Down there, there were my own personal monsters waiting…

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