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Autism Gets in the Way of Diagnosing Autism

Finally got my rental application letter back the day before yesterday. I made sure to send it back off the same day. I imagined the letter being perfect since I had a second chance to send it again, but I ended up forgetting something anyways: the correct contact information for the vet resource…

Gallstones and homeschooling and quarantines, OH MY.

Where to begin? Of course, there's the whole coronavirus thing right now. I live in Ohio, which was the first state to close the schools, etc. We're under mandated orders to social distance now, and only essential businesses are allowed to remain open. Restaurants are open, but only for takeout or…

I have my flight to New Orleans for May 6. Yay. I hope this job works out; I'm super excited to go. Even if just to check off "go to New Orleans" on my list and get a Louisiana haircut. I am counting down the days until school is over. We're at 30, but only 29 for me since I won't be there next…

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