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amethyst_witch was wondering where I find all the weird books I've been reading lately. Well, they are eBooks... more specifically Kindle eBooks. =)…

Oh My Ever Lovin Gawd!

Funko Pop has Friends ones I hadn't seen before!! Want!!So!!Bad!! The others are just ok, bu the 80's Rachel & 80's Chandler the best I think. *lol* Love Rachel's outfit and hair! OMG 80's Hair Rachel Collectible Figure 80's Hair Chandler Collectible…

Grocery Day: December, 2018

The yohimbe was more expensive than I'd expected it to be but I bought it anyways. I really appreciate the vitamin store/natural products shop. I wish I had a way (other than social media) to promote them. Although I am an editor, I can no longer remember whether there should be a comma before the…

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