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Oh My Ever Lovin Gawd!

Funko Pop has Friends ones I hadn't seen before!! Want!!So!!Bad!! The others are just ok, bu the 80's Rachel & 80's Chandler the best I think. *lol* Love Rachel's outfit and hair! OMG 80's Hair Rachel Collectible Figure 80's Hair Chandler Collectible…

Grocery Day: December, 2018

The yohimbe was more expensive than I'd expected it to be but I bought it anyways. I really appreciate the vitamin store/natural products shop. I wish I had a way (other than social media) to promote them. Although I am an editor, I can no longer remember whether there should be a comma before the…

About Us | Ambassador Fashion

Ambassador Fashion is pleased to offer a complete service that encompasses all areas of personal and professional fashion life. Whether you are looking to ensure you look your best at your next interview with the perfect ensemble, spruce up your wardrobe or simply get that extra sparkle to your…

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