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Recs 9/10

Recs for fanfiction and fanvids in the following gandoms: Dawson's Creek; Marvel Cinematic Universe; Sherlock; Sky High; The Sound of Music; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; and Strike. (There's nothing from Yuletide 2019, but some stuff is from Yuletides past.) Dawson’s Creek don’t read the last…

2 Sherlock fanvids

The 2nd is fully gen. The 1st pokes fun at John/Sherlock then later has a brief slashy bit. This one's hilarious. And this one's going to break your heart, especially if you love Mycroft.


Dear BBC, thank you for that early birthday present. People who don’t like it when Moffatt and Gatiss do clever-dicky will have hated it. I like it when they do tricky clever-dicky. I also guessed the how-done-it, and the twist to the that twist. (Sorry for vagueness, trying to avoid spoiling.)…

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