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New vid: deep blue sea (Sherlock Holmes movies)

I premiered a vid at Escapade last night! Vid of my heart. And it wouldn't exist without killabeez, who remastered it out of the generosity and love in her heart, and I can never thank her enough. <3!! title: deep blue sea fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Downey movies) song: Bottom of the Deep…

Good intentions and Sherlock Holmes offerings.

So... I failed in my intention to post my podfics or get them into the competition I was going to enter. Partly this was because at the time of the deadline, the man got one of his 3-monthly paydays (oh the joys of contract work!) which means he takes me away and gets me drunk or we otherwise…

"The Adventure of the Rehab Roommate"

I've been re-posting "Medium Security" (I'm up to Part IV right now) at Archive of Our Own. I'm getting some nice comments, but it certainly is nothing like the amazing community and feedback I always found here on LiveJournal. But no matter... those were the Golden Days. Anyway, I thought I'd…

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