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Stuff I Love meme - Days 16 and 17

Two TV series: Garrison's Gorillas and Sherlock. Garrison's Gorillas I don't post a lot about Garrison's Gorillas but it's been a favourite of mine for 30 years now. It was made and shown in 1967/8, and lasted for 1 season. It was shown again in the UK in 1989 (which is when I first saw it).…

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The fics January 2018 The Princess and the Dragons of Many Hues Original/Fairy Tale. PG. Gen. 1,505 words. Summary: In a world where there are dragons of many hues, it took this princess to approach them. February 2018 The Way to a Witch’s Heart HP. Universal. Ginny/Neville. 169 words.…

Winter recs (3/3) and last recs post of the year

Nothing from this year's Yuletide - I haven't ventured to look at what's there yet. Fanart, fanvid and fanfiction recs in the following fandoms: The Hobbit (movies), Lost in Translation, The Man from UNCLE (film), The Martian (film), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Once Upon a Time, Pacific Rim and…

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