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The fics January 2018 The Princess and the Dragons of Many Hues Original/Fairy Tale. PG. Gen. 1,505 words. Summary: In a world where there are dragons of many hues, it took this princess to approach them. February 2018 The Way to a Witch’s Heart HP. Universal. Ginny/Neville. 169 words.…

Winter recs (3/3) and last recs post of the year

Nothing from this year's Yuletide - I haven't ventured to look at what's there yet. Fanart, fanvid and fanfiction recs in the following fandoms: The Hobbit (movies), Lost in Translation, The Man from UNCLE (film), The Martian (film), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Once Upon a Time, Pacific Rim and…

Penumbra: series two graphic

Penumbra is a fusion of Sherlock and Dark Shadows. Do you remember Dark Shadows? In Maine, there was Collinwood and the three centuries of history that were woven into its walls. In London, there is Holmeswood Manor (or the Manor on Baker Street as the urban legends have it), tucked now…

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