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shaman king

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Been a while.

Greetings, an oldie here in the market for M/M. Have a short post. If I say Shaman King, One Piece, maybe even Pokemon Black and White era, am I to garner any interest? As far as non-fandoms, I was always very keen on dragons. (or even maybe some FF series for a setting.) Feel free to poke me…

Looking for an RP buddy

Hi, my name is Sora. I've been rping for a number of years now, and I am currently looking for an rp buddy for the following yaoi (m/m) one/s, but I also do yuri (f/f) and het (m/f): Bleach: AizenxToushirou, IchimaruxToushirou; best if both. I can play any character. We can add extra characters on…

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