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Femslash Review Fest 2018, Day 12 & 13 & 14

Femslash Review Fest Day 12 Suradanna and the Sea of Stars (1026 words) by DeCarabas Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Suradanna and the Sea - Rebecca Fraimow Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Suradanna/The Captain (Suradanna and the Sea) Characters: The…

I saw a really good production of Twelfth Night yesterday, and I have high standards for this play. Viola and Feste were both played by nonbinary actors, and if there were ever appropriate characters for that casting choice, it's the person who finds themself in a strange world and moves between…

More Shakespearean dingbattery

But this time it is the Oxfordian kind, rather than deep Mybuggery about the symbolism of BOARS. Receiving random spam with the subject line 'Fun', including links, does not inspire me to click those links for fear of finding myself on the wrong end of some ransomware demand, but a little light…

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