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More Shakespearean dingbattery

But this time it is the Oxfordian kind, rather than deep Mybuggery about the symbolism of BOARS. Receiving random spam with the subject line 'Fun', including links, does not inspire me to click those links for fear of finding myself on the wrong end of some ransomware demand, but a little light…

Shakespearean non-Oxfordian dingbattery

Goodness knows I do not, on the whole, give close attention to the Matter of Ted Hughes, but in today's Guardian Weekend Review, I discover this piece of WTFery: He believed he’d found the secret key to unlock all of Shakespeare’s work. Do we not feel somebody should have sat him down with a…

As promised....August 21st and my Hamlet thoughts.

I went to bed really early last night (9:30!!) and so now I'm up really early. I figured I'd use the time to type up my ramblings from last Thursday night. Now, these ramblings cover the whole entire day because it was a day unlike any other I've experienced in my life...in a bad way and in a good…

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