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Art: I Hear You Now (SGARB 2018, Radek, G)

Title: I Hear You Now ( on AO3) Artist: selenic76 Medium(s): Digital Art, manip Rating: G Character(s): Radek, Ronon, Teyla, Rodney, John, Atlantis Warnings/Tags: none / sentient Atlantis This is my art entry for the SGARB 2018! I really love Radek as a character, so I ended up…

Fic: Invasion (SGARB 2018, John/Rodney, PG-13)

This is my SGARB 2018 fic entry, with art from the awesome sastmk! (Click the pic below to check out the art post and leave some love!) I owe a huge thank you to melagan, for her endless support and encouragement when I struggled with writing this, I really couldn't have finished the…

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