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Earth Is Space Australia

There's a trope I rather like in SF, which a reverse of the usual "all aliens are superior" thing. It isn't that humans are superior as such, but that humans are better at surviving - because the planet Sol III is a hellhole, a Deathworld. Such extremes of temperature, of landscape, of flora…

The Android's Dream

Finished reading "The Android's Dream" by John Scalzi. First bit of non-fanfic fiction I've read in a while. Initially hard to get into, but soon got caught up in the shenanigans. So many shenanigans! It was fun. The Church of the Evolved Lamb Yeah, I'm going to wax philisophical about a…

SFF Worldbuildy/Novel Ideas

1. Assassins Guild The Assassins Guild has precisely 100 members, no more. Entry requirements are simple, but strict: to become a member, one has to assassinate one of the assassins, without getting caught. 2. Bureau de Change Bureau de Change - currency exchange. You see those little…

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