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SFF Worldbuildy/Novel Ideas

1. Assassins Guild The Assassins Guild has precisely 100 members, no more. Entry requirements are simple, but strict: to become a member, one has to assassinate one of the assassins, without getting caught. 2. Bureau de Change Bureau de Change - currency exchange. You see those little…

More on gender in SF, and the Moclans

Another trope in SF series is that females are always smaller and more rounded than the males and of course with mammary glands, no matter the alien race, even reptilian ones. (Discovery, you could have made Saru's sister as thin and angular as him, but no.) However I'm now wondering what Moclan…

Yet again with that tired and offensive old sexism trope?

I generally enjoy The Orville with its classic Star Trek feel and light touch, but seriously, why do pretty much all SF series (and I'm looking at you too, Farscape; rant here) have to do the sexist society trope? You know, as if it's new and original? As if they have something new to say? Yeah,…

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