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Thank Satan it isn't! Otherwise we'd really be fucked! 3+2+2+5+2+1+4+3+3+2+3+0+4+5+4+0+5+3+3+3+1+5= 64 “When she's abandoned her moral center and teachings...when she's cast aside her facade of propriety and lady-like demeanor...when I have so corrupted this fragile thing and brought out a…

Bad News, Baby

Hi Agony Aunt, I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years. He works away from home and is gone Monday to Thursday and he comes home to me every Friday to Sunday. Last year we had a mishap in where I found out he had been texting another work colleague. Things haven’t been the same…


Hi De Hi Agony Aunt, My problem is that my boyfriend’s older brother thinks I’m too old for him. I’m 45, my boyfriend is 32. Yes, there is a big age difference but we are very happy together. I get on well with the brother when we meet, my boyfriend would never organise a…

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