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It's Mating Season

"Hhrrggggggrrrrraaaaaaa!!!!" Joebear growled as he got out of the shower and approached me with his large erect penis. "Again?!" I asked as I stared at the large erect bear penis. "Hhrrggggggrrrrraaaaaaa!!!! Yes. I need to mate again. I'm sexy," Joebear said as he plopped on me. I was on my…


This lockdown has me very stressed and about to blow a gasket. My hubby has been holding out on me all week. I just took what I wanted!!! I'm kinda glad we waited. It was so intense!!!


I am 43 year old vibrant woman in her sexual prime. Middle age having fun and enjoying life. I have been introduced to the swinging lifestyle by my husband and have not looked back. I am enjoying learning new ways to let loose the sexual beast inside of me. Enjoy feeling beautiful. Enjoying being…

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