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Abnormal-Pulp Cover Sundays for 3/24/19

"She committed a monstrous sin of the flesh , then found nothing else could match that satisfaction it gave her. The least one might call her would be - ABNORMAL" I wonder what it could be, that one "monstrous sin of the flesh" that would make her almost a freak that she…

Wedding Night Artwork

Was looking through some of this fantasy artist works that James had recommended me, Luis Royo. While most of his artwork, while fantastical, is pretty much nude warrior women and superheroes, I saw this one. It is not safe for work and if of a sexually nature, but I think it is so lovely to be…

The Swede Life [NSFW]

Dear AA, I’m with my boyfriend for 7 months but he’s still in contact with his ex. I know this shouldn’t be a problem but I found out just before Christmas that he was still meeting up with her up until about a month before that. This really hurt me and he says he understands…

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