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October's priorities: WIPs, projects with earmarked materials, sewing machines especially the Morse case and the Secret Project I began October with 2 (possibly 3) completions on my challenge to complete 12 projects between late September and the end of October (the challenge was not only…

:yawn: Good Morning!

Can't sleep.....ankle still screwed. I had the pain down to mostly manageable levels....then I stepped in the husband's trench yesterday. :sigh: Ah, well. I was fully aware of the risks. Last week we finally replaced the piece of junk sofa/loveseat set we got 5 years (or so) ago. RTG told us it…


Although being felled by ConCrud on Tuesday night, I spent Wednesday on the couch and am feeling much improved today. It's a bit of a shame I had to call off my intern, but I did get to have my client pick up his 1920s suit today! Not only that, Kwibus' biological mother's owner with the same…

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