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Cheerful scrubs

I've been part of the horde of people making scrubs and various accessories for NHS and care workers. My latest is an XXL number destined for a worker in a care home - I was asked to make it cheerful. I have to say it's perhaps a bit too "cheerful" for my personal taste, especially the trousers,…

Paint Nite 12 and a brief update

Last week I had wanted to do this adorable painting of Hedwig on a pile of spellbooks, but had some connectivity issues. Thankfully, I got a rebook code, and when I saw the painting being offered again this week, I used my code to, well, rebook! Isn't it adorable?? Because I booked the…

Grad news and other odds and ends.

First off, a question, particular for Americans: Is there a standard color dress girls wear to graduation, regardless of what color cap/gowns they wear? (purpleink, I'm not asking you. ;) ) I ask because for many years, MiniPlu/Two's high school had girls wear white cap/gowns and boys…

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