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So. How've you been? I've been busy - as usual. :lol: Himself asked me to replace his shirts with me-made ones, :gulp!: so I've been in the Studio working on a muslin for him to abuse. Funny thing - about the same time he asked me, Fabric Mart sent me an email with all shirtings on SALE. DEEP sale.…

2019 .... sewing and travel plans

In an attempt to keep this updated with little free time to do so, I'm using mostly as a travel and sewing blog. Its been a bit quiet since November due to lack of either, so this is a little post just to keep using it! Sewing - not much going on, as I kind of lost my mojo last year along with…

2018 Craft Spending Wrap-Up

$708.80 spent, or just over $59/month. Actually not as bad as I feared, when I finally totted it up. Gifts and Teaching Materials: $38.96 large set of fine sharpies for class ($21.99) sewing machine oil for Sew-op ($6.99) two sewing books for a Sew-op working group ($9.98) Projects with…

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