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Memory, Attention, and Mental Time Travel

How is it that memory can supply us with new information about our mental states? There are broadly two kinds of case: Someone recollects something she did not originally notice, which supplies her with new evidence that she had a certain mental state at the time. Someone recollects something…

Retrospection and Self-Knowledge

The kind of self-knowledge I am interested in is self-discovery—particularly discoveries about one’s past or ongoing desires and emotions. Sometimes we make discoveries about our emotions and desires that seem to be based in part on an interpretation of our past thoughts, feelings, or actions.…

Meno Problems

Meno famously asks Socrates how he can seek knowledge of virtue if he does not already know what it is. How, in fact, can we look for anything if we do not already know what it is?—as we do when we solve for x, or look up a word to learn how to spell it. Meno is suggesting that the whole…

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