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[download] STARISH Fanmeeting "Welcome to STARISH world!!"

Sharing my copy of Welcome To ST☆RISH World DVD It's their first fan meeting event!! yay The event are mostly talk + variety/game corners (disc 1 & 2) and live performances on disc 3. The game corner was super hilarious!! I promise you wont regret watching your stomach will hurt from…

Fujiwara Keiji passed away

Gone at 55... He stopped doing some voice work the other year due to illness... If says how he died, I don't know (JP tweet seeing news of his death) https://twitter.com/conan_boxoffice/status/1250686357107687424?s=20 Maes Hughes in original FMA anime, Leorio in original HXH anime among MANY…

Apr 7: Supermoon #2 for 2020

Full Moon near or at perigee is a Super Moon. The one April 7 will be the biggest and brightest of the 4 this year. Super Pink Moon this one known as but has nothing to do with how the Moon will LOOK (not pink). The Weathernetwork tweet/video for it Hallowe'en will be a full moon (not super…

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