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Bungo Stray Dogs S3 (April 2019), Suzumura Kenichi will be voicing a shut-in character, Tayama Katai. He'll do the role proud. ^^; ANN Morose Mononokean II (airing now) Ishida Akira will play Ashiya Sakae, Ashiya Hanae's father so vanished when Hana was young. His dad doesn't look older than a…

Sakurai to play Ayame

Couple more Fruits Basket anime (redo, out 2019 Spring) roles announced ( CR): Sakurai is playing Sohma Ayame (snake). He can definitely pull i toff, although original seiyuu in the role was damn awesome. Sohma Hatori (sea horse) will be voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki (Err, long list of roles at ANN…

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