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Seattle Mask Brigade still needs donations

Julianne Dalcanton twitter.com/dalcantonJD 21 April 2020 https://twitter.com/dalcantonJD/status/1252672018635296768 Hey greater Seattle! You would think we'd be past this, but Seattle Mask Brigade is still desperate to collect your masks (N95, surgical, fabric)! Our donations have slowed but…

The once mighty viaduct

THAT WHICH REMAINS. So I got a couple of viaduct rocks during primary demolition, but if you want some of your own, you can get them for free this week at Waterfront Seattle offices. Also posted to ソ-ラ-バ-ド-のおん; comments at Dreamwidth. Please comment there.

that's a lot of car exhaust

Something I only realised today: the very ugly parking garage exposed by the viaduct removal really highlights how much crap was coming off the surface. It's one of the small number of buildings where you have a clear single-deck exposure, because the to northern approaches hadn't merged yet.…

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