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So long to the viaduct!

So we all went downtown to walk on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and through the Battery Street Tunnel, both of which will be gone forever soon, and for the most part, honestly? Good riddance. A lot of people are enamoured of the view, particularly from the upper deck, and while the view of Elliot Bay…


Yesterday, on a whim, scrottie and I turned from the usual path home and detoured along the Foster Island loop trail instead (partly so he could go for a brief swim in Lake Washington*). I don't think I've gotten to walk out there since the completion of the new floating 520 bridge - the one…

Folklife 2018

Folklife: Come for the music, stay for the people-watching. Flickr is crashing right now, so I suppose I'll have to upload a small handful of photos and video clips later. I guess everybody had a fun 3-day weekend and is now busy posting about it on the internet, heh. 1. slydevil wasn't…

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