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Folklife 2018

Folklife: Come for the music, stay for the people-watching. Flickr is crashing right now, so I suppose I'll have to upload a small handful of photos and video clips later. I guess everybody had a fun 3-day weekend and is now busy posting about it on the internet, heh. 1. slydevil wasn't…


Walked around a bunch today. I first headed up to Broadway, thinking it might be nice to visit the Sunday farmer's market. But it paled in comparison to the Saturday market in the U-District. Then I took the light rail back over to the U-District because I wanted to see the MFA and MD thesis…

CA-WA photodump

Finally getting caught up on photos, but at the same time my left arm informs me I should minimize computer use for a while if I can. In reverse order. Elliott Bay book haul (splurged, oy!): This is my favorite desk chair. We got it at a garage sale when I was maybe around 10 years old. If…

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