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CNMI — Saipan 2017 (6 of __)

2017 April 27 - Saipan / Obyan Beach (Day 3, dive 1) There are two ways to dive Obyan - either from the shore or from a boat. If there’s a choice, I’ll take the boat. This was the first dive of the second day with Cmlc Artha (3rd day of diving on Saipan tho). We got ourselves loaded up…

CNMI — Saipan 2017 (5 of __)

2017 April 26 - Saipan / dimple Third dive of the day off Saipan's west coast. Originally planned to do four but three was a good idea. I was still worn out from the steps of the grotto! Actually, I'll just say Nelson, the DM, was tired and I was making him work too hard. . Dimple is a…

CNMI — Saipan 2017 (4 of __)

Day 2. Dive 2. Tinian Grotto (Tinian). Tinian Grotto was the second dive of the day. It's also one of the popular sites I had read about and honestly, I kind of enjoyed parts of it more than the Saipan Grotto. Maybe because it didn't require all those steps to climb up and down. It's smaller…

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