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My Mentor - A Scrubs Entry (S1:E2)

I didn't mean to take so long to get to the next episode, but online schooling, moodswings, and all sorts of other factors are coming in to play when it comes to me watching Scrubs. Besides, I've been busy watching Degrassi with Natalie, Storm Chasers with Sammy, and Parks and Recreation…

Act Natural.

A long time ago, I posted here to say 'should I watch The Mentalist?' and half the comments said 'NO, WATCH PSYCH INSTEAD' and I went 'screw you, I'm watching The Mentalist.' One might wonder why I bothered asking the opinion of my flist if I was just going to ignore it. I don't regret my…

This Is A Prescription For No.

Last night I dreamt I was in a big fancy house that flooded violently, almost drowning me and everyone inside. This was somehow my fault. I think it involved a giant fishtank. The authorities showed up at the drenched house afterwards, to determine what had happened. I thought, Okay, I'm probably…

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