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aw that's nice

I got a note on my door that the police department wants to meet the mental health community here. They set up three different times to meet with us and we can ask questions. I think that's a great start to creating a better relationship between the mentally ill and the police.

I was reading a tumblr post about catatonic schizophrenia and then I sat on the couch like I usually do, curled into a ball and sat motionless for like twenty minutes. It was the first time I was aware of what I was doing when I'm like that. Only I'm still not sure if that counts as catatonia. I…

Articles on schizophrenia and sexuality

Lower sex drive in male schizophrenics Sexual problems in schizophrenics need attention Study on schizophrenics and sexuality The studies all seem to indicate this is a bigger problem for men than for women with schizophrenia.

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