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So, how was Pennsic?

I'm getting asked that a lot right now, and giving vague, incoherent answers at best. It was a week. It was fighting and shopping and socializing and eating and drinking. It was. Highlights: A dear friend being put on vigil and then elevated to the Knighthood. Turkish Coffee night and smoking…

Weekends are Exhausting

There is nothing quite like the gleam of armor in firelight. The ground was soft underfoot at NOWM (Northern Oaken War Maneuvers) on Friday night, which I didn't mind so much in my thin leather shoes. It was my first time wearing the bat-wing pauldrons and the chamail at the same time. As I feared,…

January event

I was very cranky Friday. I hadn't finished my scroll for Saturday's court, and I was feeling sluggish and didn't want to have to pack up the car and lug all that heavy armor out to some no-doubt cold hall and get my hiney kicked. I was cranky right up until arriving at the event. It was a…

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