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Pennsic 38

I believe this to be the most successful Pennsic to date, woot! There was no life threatening illness to be found, nothing was broken nor did I end up in a camp that was not my own. This I owe mostly to the new surroundings I found myself in this year. I was very honoured to be the guest of Sir…

It's Going to Hurt, I Know it Will

Today is the day where it all begins, unless you count Monday when the $600 in fabric was bought. I love colourful things yet reciently it was pointed out that with the exception of my red pants I wear almost no colour. This same tune came up at Pennsic where I learned from Sama that my dull…

after-action report: two weeks of Kenosha practice, and a hiatus

Kenosha, 4 March: Dycon, Danelle, me. Felt out of sync and it showed: sloppy feet and dead arm. Poor focus (not helped by non-fighting distractions). No real learnings, but still better than not going at all. Kenosha, 11 March: Luca of Windhaven, me. Nearly cancelled when Ana's migraine and…

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