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Satanic SINopses

S P E C H T R E U M Some multimedia synopses, commentary, & quips on various presentations. NINTH GATE: A really fantastic film about a book dealer named Corso who's employed by a would-be Sorcerer to compare copies of the same grimoire to divulge which is the correct one for a ritual…

Have you...

Driven over 100mph- yes, with uncles at first, no doubt, then later in the Dracmobile! Ridden in a helicopter - Yes Gone zip lining - Not yet, but I did go bobsledding near Santa's Village! Been to an NFL game - I may have once attended a RAMS game during a formative period, have no…

tumblr questionnaire

NAME: Draconis Blackthorne. NICKNAME: Drac, Dr. Dracenstein, Satan, Monster. GENDER: Male. "...and what a boy!". STAR SIGN: Aquarius. Pentagram, Baphomet. HEIGHT: 6'-6'3". SEXUAL ORIENTATION: I like what I like. The more the better. Why do you want to know? HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin;…

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