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The Devil's Diary | Shadow Gallery Calendar LIV

B LACKTHORNE P RODUCTIONS UNHOLYDAYS POSSESSIONS! A long with select book titles, All Devil's Diary magazines have been discounted from $9 to $6.66! Peer into these timeless diabolical tomes of forbidden knowledge and misanthropic contemplation... The Shadow Gallery, NOCTUARIUM…

The Devil's Diary XXX: Helloween LIII

B LACKTHORNE P RODUCTIONS Via Church of Satan News COME FORTH! Upon this dark journey you travel upon a winding sinister path through skeletal trees which reveal an ominous diabolical church, overshadowing land like a darkhouse, emitting infernalight from the trapezoid steeple through…

Magical Evilutions Questionnaire

witchy asks how did you discover witchcraft? When I read The Satanic Bible, though I had been unknowingly practicing instinctively My whole life. how long have you been a witch for? Born. Prefer the word Warlock. where did you start in your craft? Constructed My first Altar at Dracling…

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