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sapphire and steel

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The six word challenge

It's time to post your masterpieces for the week. The words: Bush Drum Punch Introduction Species Fit Sapphire stared at her partner, confused. “Steel, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” Steel scratched his cheek. “I’m waiting for our introduction. You know, blah, blah, Sapphire and Steel had been…

A poetry fic for ThreeCee

Title: Plop Genre: Sapphire & Steel Rating: PG Word Count: 711 Prompt a haiku by threecee I hope you enjoy your bit of haiku fun. My thanks to you and Sparky955 for her beta. It was a day that was lost on most people, so gentle, so sweet and yet so familiar that it went by without…

The Six Word Challenge

So, my friends, it is time to see what masterpieces you have created! The word list: Sofa Preoccupation Buy Twilight Access Fail My offering: “Would you like to lay down on the sofa?” “Sofa? “Couch, if you prefer.” “Must I?” “No.” “Why don’t you just buy some comfortable chairs?” “I’ll…

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