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sapphire and steel

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The Six Word Challenge

So, how did we do? The words: Flight Agony Skate Medal Explicit Pioneer “Think of yourself as a pioneer,” Sapphire suggested. Steel’s glare suggested something else and she hid her smile. “Perhaps They will give you a medal.” “I’d think something explicitly rude about Them if they did.” Steel…

The Six Word Challenge

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good writing week! The words: Grandfather Alarm Credibility Shake Hypothesis Mixture My effort: “They say the grandfather of credibility is originally hypothesis.” Steel sigh and gave his head a shake. The alarm going off in it wouldn’t be silenced. “I believe…

The Six Word Challenge

So, how did we do? Blind Confine Confession Belong Workshop Session Mine is no great shakes. Steel stared out the door at nothing. They had been confined here for what seemed like years, but it was hard to judge. It could as well be hours. “I was a fool. I belong here.” “Don’t joke,” Sapphire…

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