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Past Lives and Pork Buns

Fandoms: Saiyuki, Fullmetal Alchemist Title: Past Lives and Pork Buns Pairing: EdxAl, past GonouxKanan Rating: PG13 for language and Sanzo's desire to shoot all the things (wat, no porn?) Timeline: None, Saiyuki-based AU Summary: Hakkai meets two mysterious brothers who remind him of…

On Top Prologue "Son Goku, The Great Pervert"

Fandom: Saiyuki Title: On Top Pairing: GokuxSanzo, GokuxGojyo, GokuxHakkai, GokuxEveryone? Rating: NC17 overall (all the PWP) Timeline: None in particular Summary: Goku decides that it is time for the fantasy to become reality. AN: *sigh* This was meant to be a short, drabbly fic about…

After Class

Fandom: Saiyuki Title: After Class Pairing: HakkaixGoku Rating: NC17 (some roleplaying, spanking, and, of course, sex) Timeline: Present day AU (Goku is eighteen.) Summary: The couple indulges in one of Hakkai's dirty little fantasies... AN: An unavoidable follow-up to Now or Never and…

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