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Merchandise Round-up

It's been a while since I've done a round-up of my latest purchases since I haven't really bought much lately, but the three things I did buy, I'm super, super, SUPER excited about. As excited I was a while back when I bought a lot of SuperS keychains that included a really rare…

Another new story

I participated in an UsaMamo Fanwork Exchange over on Tumblr, and here's what I wrote for my giftee: To Build A Home ( AO3) For once, I'm actually pretty pleased with how this turned out? My giftee absolutely loved it, so I'm happy! (And I finally got a review for The Aftermath of…

Somebody remind me...

...that I promised myself not to post anymore works-in-progress. I'm, like, thisclose to posting the first chapter of Friends With Benefits. I mean, I am ALMOST finished. I have a rough draft pretty much done. It's still really, really rough in places, but it's not like it's going…

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