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sailor moon

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Looking for Anime/Game Fandoms & Originals

Hi! I'm a 28 year-old lady (she/her) looking for some partners to write with. I have a very specific original idea I'm interested in, and then a few different fandom things I'm interested in. Contact: missmaddiehummingbird@gmail.com or Maddieolies#0143 on discord Please note: All…

Not shippy

When it comes to the Sailor Moon fandom, I have two ships. One is Haruka/Michiru and the other is Setsuna/Mamoru. One is canon and the other is definitely not. When it comes to shipping Setsuna/Mamoru it is kinda semi canon. I had heard that in the Black Moon arc of the manga it is hinted that…

Sailor Moon Fanfic

So as I said in my last post, I am writing a Sailor Moon fanfic. I am really enjoying it. There is nothing really about them being senshi in it. It's just... In the manga between the S arc and the SuperS arc the three Outers raise baby Hotaru together. They feel responsible because after the…

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