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Oldies, but goodies!

Hello, one and all! I hope you are holding up in the insanity going on right about now.. I know that I have far too much free time than I know what to do with, thus I've been drowning myself in nostalgia bombs left and right! This has left me feeling inspired, so, join me undercut for some things…

April 2020 Merchandise Round-up

I promised a new Merchandise Round-up, so here's everything I bought since around Christmas, I guess? First, two of my favorite buys! This is a Kaleidomoon Scope from the 90s. I've been wanting a life-size (I have a small gashapon) version of this wand FOREVER. Ideally, I would have…

Anime rps, anyone?

Hello there~ My name is Kii-- also known as Kiki-- and I'm looking for a fresh crop of faces for some fun Anime rps! I recently got back into a lot of older animes and I'm really hoping to find people still interested in them too.. If not, I've added some fresh series into the mix as well, so,…

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