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Korean, Russian, One day behind

Seems I am constantly one day behind ... well, then, the definition of day becomes arbitrary (do I sound like Jordan Peterson?) I am still studying beginning-level Korean, finally beyond the first chapter. I am also studying Lesson 4 of Ultimate Russian. I had an idea not so long ago if you know…


To the memory of Vladislav Illich-Svitych. This is just to bring attention to something very ‘Nostratic’ (far beyond ‘Indo-European’ languages — which as a term itself is very outdated): udi̮ni̮ (Udmurt), udni̮ (Komi) - to give to drink; utta (Vepssian) - squeeze out; udar, gen. udara (Est.),…

EUROPA, etymology

"... Agenor, king of the Phoenician city of Sidon, had a beautiful daughter Europa, literally (in Greek) the "wide-eyed". In fact, of course, not Europe is named after some daughter of Agenor, but, vice versa. There is an opinion that this word comes from the ancient Semitic "erebus" "west",…

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