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Dust. Chapter Two. Strangers of Time and Place.

Here is the next chapter of the story I wrote for the Tolkien Big Bang. Those who attended WriterConUK might be interested to know that I used music all through this story - I chose to use the music of Runrig for each chapter and put not only a verse of the relevant song but also a link to it, so…

Dust. Chapter Three. She Once Meant The World to Me

Another chapter of the story that tells of Legolas, Gimli, and a few others, preparing to leave Middle Earth and sail West... This is the chapter in which we are reminded that Tindómë was once known as Dawn Summers - and we see a scene from the epilogue of 'Return of The Key' from the other side of…

Dust; Chapter Four. Pride of The Summer.

This is the next chapter of the Big Bang story that tells of the time between the death of Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli sailing west. In this chapter we see a midsummer celebration which brings its own problem for Legolas. Art work as usual by the wonderful Ellynn Ithilwen Word Count this…

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